Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 1

The ships have been burned and the plan is in full swing.

This last weekend was the 1st Annual running of the Team Virtus Adventure Race. It was cold as balls, super exhausting and lots of fun. Then on Sunday I turned in a pathetic performance during an 18 mile-long Middle Fork ride.

With all of this excitement + the extra hours at the 2nd job, I've apparently gotten behind on my sleep. As a result, my epilepsy has been kicking in.. giving me night terrors through the night and then absence-mals during the day. It's been a real bitch, but I'm off work tomorrow and the next day so I'm gonna take it easy and hopefully get caught back up.

I signed up for the 24 hours of Syllamo race, paid nearly $180, and as of now there are only 2 other people signed up. What the eff?


  1. Holy shit you Jerk! You stole my idea! Seriously though nice work homey. I am about to get all Rocky II on this bitch. You going to be at the Rolla GG ride? I am hoping to get off for that shit. I will keep you in check and vice versa beeyatch.

  2. Hell yes, man! I love it. I'm with you and Storm. This is the year - no more excuses.

  3. Rolla GG? Never heard of it, but I'll start the research immediately

  4. Your path will be arduous but amply rewarding... Overheard at a chinese buffet... I will be watching

  5. Yo Bob, check it out:


    I'm surprised you didn't know about this already. Man, you're slackin'.