Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 1 P90X

I've owned the P90X workout series for over a year and I've only just now built up enough loins to take it on. Back in the "fat old days" I discovered P90X while flipping thru the channels at 3 a.m. at my 2nd job. I did some research, found out their story was legit and ordered the program.

One thing that struck me about their commercial was its lack of "beautiful people". I saw regular fatties like me, jock types who wanted to be more ripped, and others who just wanted a better workout....all doing the program and getting great results. Sure, there were a few airbrushed folks, but for the most part all I saw were very average looking people.

The other thing that grabbed my attention was that they outright told you, "This will not be easy. You will work hard, you will sweat a lot, and you will feel pain." There are no promises of "just 5 minutes a day to a slimmer you!!!" or any of that shit. There's no fancy equipment to buy, and all I needed to buy was some dumb-bells or resistance bands, a pull-up bar, and a chair.

Am I starting to sound like a commerical yet?

When I took the "fit test" I found out I that I was too much of a lard-ass to start the program, so I opted to lose weight riding my bike to work. I was also going through a divorce and had a lot of rage I needed to get rid of, so bicycling was an incredible outlet for all that.
Hate was my training partner and we worked well together; As long as I could tap into that anger I could push through anything. I really don't like to think what I may have done if I didn't have that release.
2 years later I've lost a ton of weight, made dozens of new friends and found an incredible stress outlet. The only "problem" is that the rage is gone and I'm completely happy in my life.
I have nothing to be mad about, so my motivation is gone and I'm desperately seeking to find it back.
I guess that's why I'm focusing on this whole "Moob" thing, I want these man-tits gone.

So, last night I decided it was time to get down to business. My new gym looks a lot like my old living-room..

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a graceful individual. Yoga X completely kicked my ass last night...there were times when I would just stop and watch the people on the video in amazement. Why don't you just picture my fat ass trying to hold this pose:This dvd is a little over 1.5 hours long, and I can't wait for the day I can complete the entire thing without collapsing multiple times on the floor like I did last night. My body is sore today, sore in ways that I don't fully understand. The ulnar sides of my forearms, wrists, lower/lateral back and hip joints are all in an odd state.

The oddest thing about all of this was how great I felt when I was done. The elation just washed over me towards the end, I was actually smiling and laughing while my abs were bursting into flames.

The exertion was...relaxing?

Tonight I have to work both jobs, so it should be interesting trying to get the Shoulders& Back and Ab Ripper X workouts done, but I'll find a way.

I'm going to be able to do "the crane" by the end of March.


  1. Man, just wait until tomorrow when the soreness really sets in. Gotta love DOMS.

  2. Hate is a great training partner.. I totally agree, however, you can now channel that energy into your workouts instead. Can I borrow one of your p90x cds??? I will loan you a yoga cd...