Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Changes

Things have taken a pretty serious change around the old homestead in the last week. My brother has finally decided to divorce his cheating bitch of a wife, so he's taking up residence with me and bringing my nephews along for the ride. He and I have always been prety tight so I'm pretty excited about it.

The boys are non-identical 2 year olds, so things are probably going to get interesting pretty damn quick. Family-wise this is all very good; Training-wise it's a shit sandwich. I'm loading my cabinets with Mike & Ike's, animal crackers and macaroni & cheese. The fridge is getting stocked with Juicy Juice & hot-dogs, and I guess I'm gonna be working out in my bedroom from now on.

I'm super stoked to be a bigger part of their lives, i just hope I fit the bill as far as responsibility. Apparently I'm not even doing a good enough job keeping water in the dogs' bowl...

That toilet is very clean, btw.

P90X got put on hold so we could move the boys over to my place and make them a respectable home. I'm desperate to get in shape but family comes before all other things. My house is a total clusterfuck right now; We've got clothes piled to the ceiling and there are a ton of half-packed boxes littering the floor. We've got a lot of work to, but as long as the boys have a place to call home, that's all that matters.

I did manage to rock out a 15 mile gravel ride though, but by the time I made it to the bike shop I was completely soaked and miserable. Lucky for me Cara brought over some dry clothes before driving my sorry ass home. Even better, Nick Smith had some hot coffee that I chugged down.

Maybe this would be an appropriate time to mention what excellent therapy it is for me to ride my Tricross. That 15 mile ride was pretty short, but I left a lot of stress out there on the gravel. I was soaking wet and freezing my ass off in the first five minutes, but I had music in my ears and a smile on my face.

I can't wait to get my nephews and my brother out there to share the experience. Just think how badass those two little shits could be if I can get them on mountain bikes in the next year or two!

It gives me chills.

In other news: My little bro doesn't know it yet but I'm going to whip his ass into shape and he'll be a strong rider too.

Brace yourselves for 2 Jenkins boys on a cyclocross course!

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  1. Family is ALWAYS more important, man. Always. Let me know if you need help movin' stuff around or unpacking.

    Those boys are gonna love livin' with Uncle Bob. You're gonna have a blast.