Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today was my day off from my "real" job, so I chose to coordinate it with a rest day from the workout series.

I never set an alarm on my day off because I love to sleep. I love it.

At 8am I woke up to take a leak, and when I tried to get out of bed pain shot through about 85% of my body. See, last night I did the Ken-po X dvd. It didn't really seem all that hard in the beginning, but with 20 minutes left I got dizzy and afterwards I felt pretty sick for a while.

This shit better pay off.

Luckily these P90x folks are pretty clever; They included a "stretch" cd to perform on your rest day. After doing that dvd I felt a lot better. Still pretty sore, but a lot better.

When I got to work tonite I came face-to-face with one of my greatest diet-foes....

The nerve of these bastards...don't they know who I am? I won a hot-dog eating competition with a 9-dog gap over 2nd place...took 1st at the '01 Mike Kehoe Parts & Service Club meeting fried chicken eating competition AND, most gloriously, drank 15 cups of egg nog at this year's CXMAS.

I don't even like egg nog.

So here I am, all alone in the radiology department at 4 am with 2 giant fucking tubs of delicious carmel and cheddar popcorn staring me in the face. How many sodas do I have to steal from the day-shift employees before they figure out I'm a food thief? If that shit is sitting there next time I come to work I swear I'll piss in the cans. Thataway I won't eat it, and maybe they'll figure out they need to hide their damn food.

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  1. Boob, you are doing awesome. I know that there is no whay in Hell that I could pass on the cold ones w/ a 30 in the fridge. Good on ya!