Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Long, Old Friend

When I was 16 years old I told my dad I wanted a truck.

He told me to get a job.

So, I did and I spent the next year cleaning tables and saving every damn dime I made until I had $2000 saved. That's when I met this gal...

When I got that truck it was beautiful, not a scratch or a spot of rust. Over the years I had a lot of "first experiences" in that truck, not the least of which was getting into some chick's pants. I later went on to marry/divorce that woman...but that's another story.

Over the years I put that truck on the back burner, dreaming of someday "fixing it up" and blah blah blah.....it's been sitting in the driveway for about 3 years now. Well, today I did the unthinkable..

I sold that fucker.

With that money + my tax return I was able to pay off my daily driver and get my boat knocked down to $500. After that my only non-utility bill will be my mortgage.

I'm gon' be rich, beeyitch!!!

Looks like I might be getting that full-suspension Epic sooner than I thought.

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