Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feelin' the Pressure

Lately I find myself looking at the list of donors for the Babyfood/Syllamo project, and I can't help but marvel at the quality of people I've surrounded myself with.

Damn near every person I know has contributed to this project in some way; Some people have forwarded the link to a bajillion people I don't know, others have donated a set amount, and still more are pledging to donate $x per lap. On top of that, Don tells me he's getting a lot of donors from his neck of the woods. I don't know what Corey and Zack are up to, but I'm sure their list is growing as well.

This thing has exploded; what started as a simple idea for extra motivation to ride has become a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really do some good and help a lot of people.

I've gotta admit, it's stressin' me out a little bit thinking about the different ways this race could play out. Historically speaking, 50 miles of singletrack has been unachievable for me. My longest stretch EVER was last year at Syllamo's Revenge when I rolled 36 miles into the DNF column.

And now here I am, talking shit about riding 100 miles in the same neighborhood.

The time for trying to be a tough guy on a fully rigid has passed, and I can definitely forget about having the chicken fried steak and eggs with hashbrowns for a pre-ride meal.

Talk about "burning the ships," if I fuck this up I'll never live it down.

So........What better excuse could I possibly have to finally buy a full-suspension Epic 29'er?

It'll be like racing on a Caddy :)

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  1. Holy Shit! Team Seagal needs to donate to this worthy cause. You are a jerk, and you will crush it like the jerk you are.
    Signed Jerk/Storm